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Brandy and Terry

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We are located approximately 50 minutes from Detroit and 50 minutes from Sarnia, Ontario Canada, in South East Michigan.


I was raised around American Pit Bull Terriers for the majority of my life and have bred them for over 20 years. 

The Pit Bull is a medium size, solid, and muscular dog that is slightly longer than it is tall. Known for their intelligence and loyalty Pit Bulls make excellent, loving and protective companion.  Unfortunately, they have been heavily bred and in recent years have received a lot of unfair press.  Due to the bad reputation for dog fighting and vicious attacks, I decide to look for a more robust breed that had the athletic capacity of the Pit Bull and the mass and presence of a big Mastiff.

After much research, I discovered the South African Boerboel.  Boerboels feature all of the best attributes of the Mastiff breed, like immense power combined with great faithfulness, physical statue, energetic with outstanding temperaments and proven reliability. Boerboels are a very dominant, extremely intelligent, and very reliable breed with an extremely strong protection instinct.

Boerboels are excellent for family companions, and home protection with out the “bad reputation.”  Boerboels thrive on love, attention and need constant companionship from their owners.  They are extremely lovable dogs and absolutely adore children.


Is an avid dog lover and has always had dogs in her household.   She has raised Jack Russell Terriers in the past and now loves nothing more than raising Boerboel's puppies. 


"We breed loving family companions",

We like and breed the more reserved athletic Boerboels

Great Lakes Peaches

with great temperaments, and good guard dog instinct.

We currently register our dogs with the SABT, the oldest and largest registry of boerboel's in the world. They are based in South Africa. All of our breeding stock is SABT appraised and in great health.

I love the appraisal system by the SABT they are one of the few registration that will only allow you to breed good quality dogs that meets their standards.

We are very excited about contributing to establish the Boerboel breed in the U.S. and we appreciate the people who are striving to make the Boerboel an even greater breed for the future.

We absolutely love the breed, and if you should have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brandy or Terry @ 810-547-1185

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