Chiara is a Boerboel Breeders dream and a beautiful Boerboel, if she was human she would be a super model, everything about her is proportioned. One her best attributes is chest, topline, temperament and hind quarters. Chiara scored 90.3% at just 11months old and is the first U.S. breed Boerboel to score in the 90's. Chiara scoring in the 90's is a contribute to Lodewyhk producing abilities when he was bred to a female in the 70's. Although her mother score low she is a half sister to Kwaadkat 90.2% both being mother by Caberet Bella. Chiara is the full sister to Monarch Jordan 94.2%, half sister to Belbusk Dahnijel 93.1%, GL's Mango 94.2%. Chiara has contribute greatly to our breeding program and the boerboel breed .



D.O.B: 6/10/2006

Color: Brown

Score: 90.3%

Breeder: B & R Nichols


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation




Caberet Lodewykh


Bankfontein Simba

Smit Vegter
19920136063 [77,33]

Smit Tina
19920136062 [74,33]


 Caberet Twiggy

Corma Buks
19930149003 [80,00]

Waaksaam Mitzie
19930185002 [88,90]




Caberet Nena


Caberet Diesel

Linjo Thabo
20010710413 [87.7]

Caberet Hoekie
20010397001 [80.3]


Caberet Ballerina (Bella)

Caberet Klein Buks
19980397013 [87]

Caberet Monja
19990397003 [82,90]


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