Many Boerboel Breeders agree that Lodewyhk was an excellent looking boerboel. Lodewykh passed away but will always be a legend! We retained semen and offspring from Lodewyhk that is being used for the base of our breeding program. He was a great example of what a Boerboel should be. He was very correct with a lot of bone and muscles. He also had a beautiful personality, and perfect temperament. Along with being correct (90.2) and having a great temperament, Lodewykh had proven himself as a producer siring some very correct and beautiful dogs like Bellbusk Dahnijel (93.1) , Monarch Chiara (91.5), and her brother Monarch Jordan (94.2), Great Lakes Mango (94.6). While only siring a few litters, Lodewykh has produced some very outstanding dogs that proves his ability to produce.

Boerboel Lodewyhk

Caberet Lodewyhk


D.O.B: 03/12/2000

Color: Brown

Score: 90.2%

Breeder: Lood Mienie

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation




Bankfontein Simba


Smit Vegter

Piona Vegter
19910113027 [83.00%]

Smit Nonna
19900136014 [81,33]


Smit Tina

Smit Fhumo
19900136017 [86,33]

Smit Rienka
19900136015 []




Caberet Twiggy


Corma Buks

Lourina Ouboet
19920070023 [72.33%]

Piona Wena
19920113024 [78]


Waaksaam Mitzie

Lourina Mac
19870070001 [96.50%]

Jan-Su Katryn 1
19910056014 [78,67]


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