When we select males, we choose males that would suit boerboel breeders. We like the larger more reserved athletic type boerboels. We try to use outside dogs as well as our own to keep a balance of gene pool.

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Great Lakes Kobi

Great Lakes Kobi


Nostras Zulu 92.6% x Afrika Rafa (Layla) 87.7%

Available for Stud



Great Lakes Janus

SABBS 90.8%

(at 10 Months)

Sullivan Kovu [91.2%] x Middelpos Zeranti[85.7]

Available for Stud



GL's Judah

Great Lakes Judah

SABBS 90.9%

Monarch Jordan x Great Lakes Belle (Charlie)

Available for Stud


Great Lakes Legend

Great Lakes Legend

SABBS 85.4% Linear

Monarch Jordan x Great Lakes Chanel

Available for Stud


Klein Sandfontein Matrix


KS Matrix

SABBS 82.1%

Groenberg Rambo x KS Kiska





Boerboel Lodewyhk

Caberet Lodewyhk

SABBS 90.2%

Bankfontein Simba x Caberet Twiggy

Lodewyhk is deceased but we retained semen for future breedings



Monarch Jordan

Monarch Jordan

SABBS 94.2%

Caberet Lodewykh x Caberet Nena

One of the Top 2 Boerboels Worldwide 2010




Middlepos Backdraft at Ishmael (Inferno)

SABBS 93.5%

Bosvlei Groot Kokkedoor [90.4] x Middelpos Zeranti[85.7]

Inferno is deceased but we have retained semen for future breedings




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