Great Lakes Peaches is a solid female, she has a lot of nice features that can not be express in a photo or appraiser, her athleticism is one of those features. Peaches is extremely fast and athletic, she love to run, hike and exercise. She is also the ultimate protector, Peaches will not back down from a challenge, you can feel safe that she will guard you, your spouse or your children if she need to. She is from Caberet Lodewyhk and Spitsvuur Mango doubling up on the breeding of Corma buks and Waaksaam Mitzie thru Klein Buks and caberet Twiggy. Corma buks and Waaksaam Mitzie produce such offsprings as Caberet Straat-Kat Spitsvuur Mokka 93.1% (aunt), Caberet Pavarotti 93.3%, Caberet Kwaadkat 90.2 %, Peaches is also a half sister to Jordan( 94.2%), Bellbusk Dahnijel (93.1), and Chiara (91.5%), and a full sister to Great Lakes Mango (94.6%).


GLB"s Peaches

Great Lakes Peaches

D.O.B: 05/02/08

Color: Brown

Score: 86.5%

Breeder: Great Lakes Boerboels

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation




Caberet Lodewykh


Bankfontein Simba

Smit Vegter
19920136063 [77,33]

Smit Tina
19920136062 [74,33]


Caberet Twiggy

Corma Buks
19930149003 [80,00]

Waaksaam Mitzie
19930185002 [88,90]




Spitsvuur Mango


Caberet Klein Buks

Corma Buks
19930149003 [80,00]

Waaksaam Mitzie
19930185002 [88,90]


Spitsvuur Mollie

Avontuur Boela
19990323072 [84.4]

Ysterberg Bets
2002000082015 [83.8]


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