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As boerboel breeders, we try to match up boerboels to compliment each other and to improve the breed. Our purpose is to give you a sound healthy,socialized and beautiful puppy for you and your family's needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please send us an email at telling us a little about yourself. Please include the following information: Location? Own any animals? Experience with large breeds? Plan on breeding? Children? Day to day routine? And any other information about you that would help us get to know you! Thank you!

Upcoming Breeding

KS Matrix X GL's London
Klein Sandfontein Matrix
Great Lakes London
Due 3/3/18
Klein Sandfontein Matrix
Groenberg Rambo
Piet-Zyn-Drift Bastron I
2006001619224 [91.1]
Middelpos Tessa II
2007002048004 [90.3]
Klein Sandfontein Kisska
Middelpos Khan
2009002048001 [87.8]
Klein Sandfontein Annie
2008070519010 [90.2]

Great Lakes London

Great Lakes Janus

Sullivan Kovu
2008105824011 [91.2]
Middelpos Zeranti
2006002048008 [85.7]
Great Lakes Milan
Monarch Jordan
2006099727005 [94.2]
Great Lakes Paris
2010103273003 [84.6]


Breedings for 2018

Middlepos Baron x Great Lakes Venus

Middlelpos Baron
Great Lakes Venus
Middelpos Baron
Piet-Zyn-Drift Bastron I
Nostras Rocky
20022238013 [91.1]
PietZynDrift Mika I
2002001619051 [89]
Middelpos Zeranti
Nostras Middelpos Janus
Rulin Middelpos Thyse

Great Lakes Venus

Great Lakes Kobi

Nostras Zulu
Afrika Rafa (Layla)
Piet-Zyn-Drift Bonnie I
Nostras Rocky
20022238013 [91.1]
Nostras Lisa I


Great Lakes Dozer X Great Lakes Cookie
Great Lakes Cookie
Great Lakes Dozer
Nostras Zulu
Zantah Boston
19981365004 [89,9]
Nostras Beaulah
20012238003 [88]
Great Lakes Kimora
Mighty Bonzo
2005002350026 [93]
Marvell Ambrosia (Amber)
2004001244172 [82.8]
Great Lakes Cookie
Klein Sandfontein Matrix
Groenberg Rambo
2011055030004 [92]
Klein Sandfontein Kisska
2010070519053 [88]
Great Lakes Venus
Great Lakes Kobi
2010103273015 [94]]
Piet-Zyn-Drift Bonnie I
2008001619073 [83.6]


Selecting A Puppy



To place a deposit you can use the PayPal buttons provided or email us for the address to send a cashiers check or postal money order. PayPal offers financing as well.

Buyer is responsible for 3% PayPal surcharge.

Puppy Deposit


*If you are considering to purchase a puppy, please read the information below*

  • All puppies are De-wormed, Vaccinated.
  • Deposits are $500 to reserve your puppy.
  • Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances, but can be applied to other litters.
  • Puppies are chosen by order of deposit, however GLB reserves the right to Pick of the Litter(POL)for any litter regardless of deposits.
  • Puppies are chosen between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Group photos will be emailed to buyers with deposits at 1 week, 3 weeks, and 5 weeks of age. Individual photos of the puppies will be sent to buyers when the puppies are 6 to 7 weeks of age to make your selection.
  • Buyers understands that if a deposit is placed before a litter is born, that there maybe possibilities of complications.
  • Buyers understand that we can not control the size of the litter, color of puppies within a litter or sex of the puppies within a litter. Specific colors and masks are not guaranteed, and will not be the determining factor of the puppy selection.
  • All puppies are sold on Breeding or Companion(Pet) contracts. Companion(Pet) Quality must be Spayed or Neutered.
  • Birth Certificates will not be issued without a signed contract or microchiped.
  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping/travel costs including additional vet fees and permits for international shipping. Buyer is also responsible for all shipping fees in the event that a puppy is returned to seller and a replacement puppy is sent to buyer.
  • All puppies are to be paid in full and payments with shipping costs must be received and cleared before the puppy is 6 weeks of age, after 6 weeks GLB has the right to offer the puppy to another buyer and the deposit will be moved to another litter.
  • Puppies are available to go to there homes after 8 weeks of age. After 9 weeks of age a $4.00 per day boarding fee will be added to the cost of the dog for each additional day. After 11 weeks of age, the cost is $10.00 per day.
  • All payments are final,and refunds will not be issued under any circumstances, but can be applied towards other litters. Great Lakes Boerboels will not be responsible for any vet fees under any circumstances.
  • Please contact us for puppy availability.
  • Worldwide shipping Available.

We are always looking for Boerboel lovers close to us (in the Michigan area) for co-ownerships and fosters. If you are interested in this program, please send us an email. An application, interview (in person or over phone), and references are all required.


Call Us(Eastern Times)

5-10PM M-F, 12PM-10PM Sat/Sun 

Brandy or Terry @ 810-547-1185

Or E-mail us @

*Email is usually the best way to reach us during the week*



Contact us

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